"And she's been feeling alone and no one's fine on their own, don't you know"

I hate myself most the nights when I crave you holding me.

my mom said dinner was ready and i went downstairs and it wasnt even ready im sick of all the lies 

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after i die i’ll probably still complain

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do u ever wonder what a famous person is doing at this very moment in time

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Lindsay Lohan & Daniel Franzese, 2004/2014

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In 6th grade when you hate school,
do not fake headaches,
do not cry to your mom.
Everyone hates middle school and you will be okay.

When you’re 14 and your best friend is dying,
kiss him and tell him everything will be alright.
It won’t be, but he doesn’t need to know that yet.

When you’re a freshman and you lose all your friends,
remember that it is not because of something you did.
Dry your eyes and get out of the empty bathtub,
and instead focus on meeting people that won’t leave.

In 10th grade when your best friend dies,
do not think of the things you should have told him.
Do not regret when you didn’t spend time with him.
The past is the past, and he knew you loved him.
Keep going because you are about to find yourself.

When you’re 16 and you think you have life figured out,
enjoy it.
Laugh in the car with your friends and smoke way too much on back porches.
Because when you’re 17 all your friends will go away again.

But when you’re 17 and all your friends go away again,
tell yourself it’s okay.
Drown yourself in theatre and tell your mother you love her.
Those are the things that are important in your life right then.
Not your friends.

When you’re crying on your bathroom floor and you feel numb,
don’t feel bad for yourself,
and do not expect anyone to want to pick you up.
You’re allowed to be sad. But you are not allowed to wallow in it.

When you fall in love with him,
because this is inevitable and you will fall in love with him,
do not watch the way his hands look on the steering wheel,
or the way he pushes his hair back.
He is nothing special and he feels nothing special for you.

So when you turn 18 and you want to yell at him,
do it. Yell all you want.
And then tell him you are in love with him.
You won’t regret it.
But when he breaks your heart,
remind yourself again that he is nothing special. Do not wait around for him. Move on.

When you have no clue what to do with your future,
Do not ask your friends. Do not ask your parents.
That decision is your own.

And I promise you, that when you are ready to leave,
you are so close. So don’t give up.

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